Epi Degradable Pet Trash Bag

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Elevate Your Pet Care Game with Our Epi Degradable Pet Trash Bags in a Handy Storage Box! Cleaning up after your furry friend has never been so convenient and eco-friendly. Our Pet Supplies Poop Bags are more than just a necessity; they're your secret to maintaining a clean, hygienic environment for your beloved pet while minimizing your environmental footprint. Say goodbye to messy walks and hello to a cleaner, greener pet care routine with our Epi Degradable Pet Trash Bags. These bags are more than just a pet supply; they're a testament to responsible pet ownership. Don't miss the chance to upgrade your pet care game. Order your 20 Rolls of Epi Degradable Pet Trash Bags today and make every outing with your furry friend a clean and enjoyable experience. It's time to show your pet and the planet some love!




Product Details:
Name: Degradable pet garbage bag 
Thickness: Thickening 
Size: 16 rolls + dispenser, 20 rolls 
Thickness: 0.015mm 
Fragrance: Lavender 
Style: Continuous roll 
Material: EPI 
Size: 23*33
Thickness: 0.015mm